Meet the Photographer

Hello, I am Mitchell a.k.a. Millionaire Mitch & I am the CEO of Snapshot Millionaire, LLC.  I am a senior at the Georgia State University as a Mathematics major. My brother and I grew up in East Point Ga then later were raised in Clayton Co. I am based in Atlanta, Ga but have traveled for projects around the Atlanta Metro Area. I have recently embarked on a new journey in photography.  I specialize in portraiture photography. That's right,  I capture portraits of people. A goal of mine  is to expand my business and eventually branch off into event planning. So I have to start somewhere right? One of my objectives is to capture the moments people deem to be most valuable to them. In knowing that those moments will soon transition into fond memories, I would like for my clients to reference their photos to relive those sentimental moments. Nostalgia!  I want to be able to connect  & have fun while shooting with my clients. Of course, all while remaining  professional and delivering exceptional quality work. By continuing to provide outstanding customer service, I can preserve and build stronger relationships with my clientele as well as future clients. Customer satisfaction is also a vital area I like to focus on while interacting with my clients, this being another asset  that sets me a part from the  "competition". The late French philosopher , Rene' Descartes once said "Cognito , Ergo Sum" which translates  into " I think therefore I am. With that being said,  I believe I am destined & designed for greatness. Therefore, I will achieve greatness.

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IG: @Snapshot_Millionaire


Phone: 404-852-7096


What Clients Are Saying

"Very professional the photographer has the best vibes to do a great shoot . . . "

Brianna H.